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Meet Gigi

Hi! I'm Gigi!  

It's such a pleasure to have you and interested in not only getting to know me but also the potential of us working together and connecting. Talking about myself isn't necessarily my favorite thing but it's necessary for you to know who the person is behind the camera.

I'm most importantly a wife to Scotty and mother to Chloe, Oakland, Rosalie and Honey.  My family comes before absolutely anything. I'm 30 years young but really forever 27. I'm a Gemini and when you get to know me it all makes sense. My birthday is May 28th. I'm Dutch-Indonesian, German and black. My current home base is Wisconsin . I have also lived in Minnesota , Missouri, Arizona and Chicago. No matter where I move I always end up coming back to Minnesota/ Wisconsin. It really is a great place to live and beautiful but per usual  I know this is temporary and we probably won't be here for long.  I grew up on an airplane and constantly traveling.. If anything it was more of a lifestyle especially having family spread out overseas as well as all throughout the United States. That being said I would enjoy doing more travel work than I have made a priority in the past. . Whether that be your elopement or you're on vacation and want some core memories documented... I'm your gal. 

I'm a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints (LDS). 

That being said my religious background doesn't stop me from working with anyone and everyone despite religious views, gender, political status and etc. 

All are genuinely welcome here. 

I love anything vanilla flavored as well as coffee, major foodie over here, cooking is a huge passion of mine, cat lover, my favorite color is violet,  if I could move today I would move to the Pacific Northwest without thinking twice. My favorite genre of music chill beats and folk but I'm also in love with Elvis.  I'm obsessed with baseball. Don't let the pictures on the internet fool you.. I'm typically in a sweatsuit and hat. I'm pretty authentic with who I am and where I come from. I take pride in the level of self awareness I have, I think as an artist it is one of the things I'm most confident about within my work.. given what I have been through in my life I feel it makes me really relatable and genuinely empathetic. Which in return makes it really easy to connect with all different kinds of people and personalities. Nothing about me is fake I'm very much so a who and what you see is what you get kind of girl.  

About my work...

Now let's focus on the fun stuff.. . The point of this. The goal of it all. The ART.

I picked up my first canon when I was 9 years old. Not only do I still have that camera but I still have the first roll of film I had ever developed. I cherish that camera because I believe that although I really thought at one point I was going to be an engineer I think I knew photography was my calling from that time in my life. Getting a little more personal with this I have struggled my entire life with overcoming an eating disorder/ body dysmorphia and a bundle of insecurities along with anxiety. Although that's apart of my own personal journey overcoming a lot of that has had to do with seeing and finding  the beauty in those I get to work with daily in the most beautiful locations. I have been blessed with such a wide range of clients and you're all REAL people. I'm not looking to work with models, instagram models and people who would be considered unrealistic constantly. I enjoy working with everyday real people. I obviously want the work to be polished but not everything is about an aesthetic to me.  I really do strive to make everyone I meet feel beautiful and comfortable with how they look but most importantly how they feel about themselves and who they are as well as with WHERE they are within their own personal story...Come to me as you are... My overall goal with the moments we capture and poetry we write in photo form is for you to feel the feels and look past the strive of "perfection" and the "material" side of things. If your child is having a rough day let them take the lead. Work with where they are at that day. If they want to play tag opposed to posing and staring for a cookie cutter photo then play tag with them instead. I promise the photo will mean more to you... If we have to re-evaluate our original plan to fit the energy of the kids that day I'm on board. We don't have to be in a field of tall grass or in a clean cut part of the city. Let them run down the sidewalk and get those photos of dad doing underdogs at the park on the swing set and mom catching the kids at the bottom of the slide. Let's capture the stage of parenthood you're in whether you're a longtime married couple or a single parent. Recently divorced or in a new relationship. Again come as you are and where you are. If there's a snowstorm or pouring rain let's run with it. The weather is what makes photos authentic. I obviously am a chaser of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets but let's make each session unique with what Mother Nature is giving us that day. I also want to HEAR your story. Talk to me about yourself. I want to get to know you and not feel like we are just a one and done. I want to feel like we are friends by the end of our time together. The more I get to know you the better I can write your story through my lens in the future. Some of my clients started out as strangers and now we have dinner reservations after our sessions together and it really has made all the long hours and "work" mean so much more to me. My work is inspired by the natural state we are in at the time of us working together. Beautiful scenery in nature and or running around the city. I really also want to feel as though you trust my vision and allow me to guide you in areas I think could be beneficial.. Especially with locations. Sometimes a vision you may have might look completely different to me through my view finder. Also sometimes less is so much more! I want you to be the subject I want you to look back and feel these photos are YOU and timeless. My approach will always be candid and documentary. I will be directive but at times I want to sit back and just be a fly on the wall for a few and get those real captures. 

I know that was a lot. 

IF we seem like a good match and you feel like my style of photography interests you... Let's shoot! 


Contact Me

Let's link & connect! 

Whether you want to meet up and have coffee while discussing your shoot or you want to just hit the books and schedule a shoot! 

Got it babe!

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