I'm not going to call this "pricing" because not only are you going to be investing in me I'm going to be investing my time, creativity and love into capturing your most precious moments and freezing them forever in photographs.. 


For every single session I have I require you to put down half of the overall session fee. The remaining is due at the time of the shoot.

NO SESSIONS are set and stone unless a deposit is paid this goes for everything including weddings. My deposits are non transferable and non refundable. The only time we can transfer your date is if someone falls ill or the weather is bad. 

Do I travel?

I absolutely love traveling. 

I would love nothing more than to capture your love or your life in the mountains or sunrise on the coast. 

Cost varies depending on your needs and location but with travel there are extra fees. Serious inquiries only.

"I can't afford your pricing."


I love coming together and working with new people whether you're local or out of state. 

I will ONLY do collaborations if there is an even trade and a contract is in place on our mutual agreements. 

If you're interested in collaborating please shoot me a message and with detail tell me about yourself, your company, what you stand for and why you think us working together would be beneficial! 

Art is something to be valued and hey let me just say you get what you paid for! No really it's the truth not to mention as an artist myself we really just work better when we feel like our work is appreciated and valued. 

That being said this mama has three babies and bills to pay. Just like any other job I do this for a living. I'm just lucky to be doing something I'm so passionate about. I literally feel it in my veins. If my work makes you feel some sort of way and moved. I don't want "pricing" to stop you from working with me. I have payment plan options that we can go over so don't hesitate to ask about that.

Family/ Extended family



- 60 minutes of shooting

-One location

-50 images

-Extra time and wardrobe available at additional cost.



-120 minutes of shooting

-One location

-100 images

-Extra time available at additional cost.

I don't have custom family sessions. These are the only packages I offer for families. Aside from newborn at this time.


  1. Expect to have a good time. Don't stress yourself out about *eye roll* how much your spouse hates photos or how you think your kids won't behave. 95% of the time my sessions ALWAYS end on a good note. Husbands openly admit "that wasn't that bad" and kids ALWAYS surprise parents. We feel like life long friends and we probably laughed the entire time. 

  2. Turn around time for photos is 2 weeks. Depending on the season it could be sooner. IF you need your gallery rushed for an additional cost you can get your photos the next day. 

  3. PLEASE if you have young children bring a cloth or wipes to take care of snot or crumbs. I don't hold myself responsible for anything on the face that could be preventable. I without question will edit out acne or face blemishes or scratches. I will NOT take additional time to edit out food crumbs and boogers.

  4. IF you're worried about your children listening or behaving bring a bribe or special treats.

  5. Blended families please give me a heads up of your family dynamic BEFORE the shoot please not during. That way I can have my combinations and visions ready for you. 

  6. IF you or your child are disabled or have special needs please let me know so we can plan accordingly to make sure that everybody is comfortable and has everything they need as well as a good location. Extra time will be given under these circumstances free of charge.






-45 minute session. 

-If bringing additional children refer to family photo package UNLESS you're alright with this being focused on the pregnancy opposed to an actual family session. 

-50 images

-Extra time and wardrobe available at additional cost.


- 60 minutes

(additional time given as you never know how baby will be or if there were any complications during birth. Also given extra time for feedings.)

-50 images

-Please call or text at earliest convenience when baby is born so we can determine the best time within the first 48 hours of life. These are only done in the hospital UNLESS you had a home birth.

-One outfit for baby aside from diaper shots and a swaddle blanket.


-UP TO 4 hours (if needed) 

Typically it won't take 4 hours but we have to take into consideration breastfeeding/ feeding breaks/ blowouts/ spit up/ outfit changes and how baby just feels that day. 

- Up to 4 outfits/ looks for baby. 

- Studio sessions available at additional costs.

-100 images 

Combination package

$1,000 for a package of all three together. 

*Turn around time for photos is 2 weeks. If needed to be rushed you can receive them the next business day for an additional cost. 

**NEWBORN & FRESH 48 SESSIONS- Contact me at earliest convenience after baby is born so we can get you down in the books. I will basically be on call for my mamas. Don't worry about me having time for you or not I will always make sure you're priority. 




-90 minutes of shooting 

-1 outfit

- 45 images

*couples sessions are literally my jam and what I live for. 

"I DO"


-5 hours wedding day coverage. 

-Second shooter

-800 photos


-Full day coverage.

-Second shooter

-Save the date photo session included.

-Engagement photo session included.

-1 year anniversary mini session included.

-1200+ photos


Call me or contact me directly and lets discuss your wedding day details! I would love to travel with you! Price varies depending on details.

Why is wedding photography so essential?

I'm going to try making this as direct and straight forward as possible. Aside from the classic line of "You get what you pay for." Which I can't stress enough, how true that is. Wedding photography is seriously so important and if anything I personally think it should be your biggest investment aside from food lol, and I don't think it should be taken lightly. It's my honor and responsibility to capture every raw, emotion, tear, laugh and happiness throughout your entire wedding day. 

Please note that I'm very directive especially during my standard sessions BUT for your wedding I don't want to direct you, I rather guide you. I want you took look back on your wedding day and feel like the moments were genuine and real. I want you to feel like it wasn't just a staged day. I want the emotions, laughs and interactions to be raw. I refuse to watch you organize your day around staged photos. I want to be apart of your day and capture it not have the entire day be about photos. We will without a doubt have moments planned for special documentation. There's also going to be times throughout the day I want you to just live in the moment and take it in for what it is and I will be a fly on the wall capturing REAL candids. 

To a reasonable extent prices are negotiable.

But please know at the end of your special day your food will be eaten, your dress won't ever be worn again but your photos are truly the one thing you walk away with forever as they will be passed down for generations! 




-30 minutes of shooting

-15 images

-2 outfits


Creative freedom & senior sessions are shoots that I customize to your wants and needs. 

Contact for details on creative freedom. 

Senior sessions start at $750

IF you're a senior inquiring and paying for your session on your own please let me know ahead of time so we can talk comfortable pricing. 

Boudoir sessions


-2 hours of shooting.

-As many looks and or outfits you want. 

-YOU are responsible for location. Unless we talk about something we both have in mind. 

-60+ images 

- Boudoir sessions aren't just for women but men as well! We can also do couples boudoir!

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